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Collection Brooklyn Decor Mosaics
Photos and illustrations for illustrative purposes only.
Code Colour Format Grade*
005SOH11HEXINSCEMCHIM Hex Insert Cement Chic Mat 1x1 Hexagon 4
005SOH11HEXINSCLOBLUM Hex Insert Cloud Blue Mat 1x1 Hexagon 4
005SOH11HEXINSLOFGREM Hex Insert Loft Grey Mat 1x1 Hexagon 4
005SOH11HEXINSRETBLAM Hex Insert Retro Black Mat 1x1 Hexagon 4
005SOH11HEXINSSOFSAGM Hex Insert Soft Sage Mat 1x1 Hexagon 4
005SOHBASCEMCHIM Basketweave Cement Chic Mat Basketweave 4
005SOHBASCLOBLUM Cloud Blue Mat Basketweave 4
005SOHBASLOFGREM Loft Grey Mat Basketweave 4
005SOHBASRETBLAM Retro Black Mat Basketweave 4
005SOHBASSOFSAGM Soft Sage Mat Basketweave 4
005SOHPLAMORBLEM Plaid Morning Blend Mat Plaid 4
005SOHPLAAFTBLEM Plaid Afternoon Blend Mat Plaid 4
005SOHPLAEVEBLEM Plaid Evening Blend Mat Plaid 4
005SOHPLAMIDBLEM Plaid Midnight Blend Mat Plaid 4
005SOHPLADAWBLEM Plaid Dawn Blend Mat Plaid 4
005SOHCHAMORBLEM Chain Morning Blend Mat Chain 4
005SOHCHAAFTBLEM Chain Afternoon Blend Mat Chain 4
005SOHCHAEVEBLEM Chain Evening Blend Mat Chain 4
005SOHCHAMIDBLEM Chain Midnight Blend Mat Chain 4
005SOHCHADAWBLEM Chain Dawn Blend Mat Chain 4
005SOHCUBMORBLEM Cubic Morning Blend Mat Cubic 4
005SOHCUBAFTBLEM Cubic Afternoon Blend Mat Cubic 4
005SOHCUBEVEBLEM Cubic Evening Blend Mat Cubic 4
005SOHCUBMIDBLEM Cubic Midnight Blend Mat Cubic 4
005SOHCUBDAWBLEM Cubic Dawn Blend Mat Cubic 4
005SOHHEXMORBLEM Hexagon Morning Blend Mat 1x1 Hexagon 4
005SOHHEXAFTBLEM Hexagon Afternoon Blend Mat 1x1 Hexagon 4
005SOHHEXEVEBLEM Hexagon Evening Blend Mat 1x1 Hexagon 4
005SOHHEXMIDBLEM Hexagon Midnight Blend Mat 1x1 Hexagon 4
005SOHHEXDAWBLEM Hexagon Dawn Blend Mat 1x1 Hexagon 4
005SOHDIAMORBLEM Diamond Morning Blend Mat Diamond 4
005SOHDIAAFTBLEM Diamond Afternoon Blend Mat Diamond 4
005SOHDIAEVEBLEM Diamond Evening Blend Mat Diamond 4
005SOHDIAMIDBLEM Diamond Midnight Blend Mat Diamond 4
005SOHDIADAWBLEM Diamond Dawn Blend Mat Diamond 4
*The grade of the tile is to best understand its proper use. Grade 1-2 are meant for wall use only. Grade 3 is good for the floor in a residential home. Grades 4-5 are good for residential and commercial use; medium to high traffic areas.
Prices subject to change without prior notice.
Colours, sizes and shades may vary.
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