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Collection Geology
Photos and illustrations for illustrative purposes only.
Rectified tile
Medium colour variation
We do not recommend installing tiles in brick-jointed (half)
Matte finish (natural)
Floor tile
Porcelaine mosaic for floor and wall
Frost resistant
Sold by the box
Code Colour Format Grade*
021GC011224 clear 12x24 4
021GC0124 CLEAR 24x24 4
021GC012448N clear 24x48 4
021GC0148 clear 48x48 4
021GC0212 perfect 12x12 4
021GC021224 perfect 12x24 4
021GC0224 perfect 24x24 4
021GC022448N perfect 24x48 4
021GC0312 ideal 12x12 4
021GC031224 ideal 12x24 4
021GC0324 ideal 24x24 4
021GC032448N ideal 24x48 4
021GC0348 ideal 48x48 4
021GC041224 type 12x24 4
021GC0424 type 24x24 4
021GC042448N type 24x48 4
021GC051224 classic 12x24 4
021GC0524 classic 24x24 4
021GC052448N classic 24x48 4
021GC061224 absolute 12x24 4
021GC0624 absolute 24x24 4
021GC062448N absolute 24x48 4
021GC0648 absolute 48x48 4
021GC071224 sugar 12x24 4
021GC0724 sugar 24x24 4
021GC072448N sugar 24x48 4
021GC081224 chamois 12x24 4
021GC0824 chamois 24x24 4
021GC082448N chamois 24x48 4
021GC091224 toffee 12x24 4
021GC0924 toffee 24x24 4
021GC092448N toffee 24x48 4
021GC101224 GINGER 12x24 4
021GC1024 ginger 24x24 4
021GC102448N ginger 24x48 4
021GC112 clear 12x12 4
021GC2024 iron 24x24 4
021GC2124 corten 24x24 4
*The grade of the tile is to best understand its proper use. Grade 1-2 are meant for wall use only. Grade 3 is good for the floor in a residential home. Grades 4-5 are good for residential and commercial use; medium to high traffic areas.
Prices subject to change without prior notice.
Colours, sizes and shades may vary.
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