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Are Larger Tiles Bigger & Better?
FAQ Saturday, May 22nd, 2021
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Why Are Larger Tiles Becoming More Popular?

It’s no surprise that as clients are remodeling their homes they are seeing a large difference in the formats of tiles being offered in most flooring stores. Most people may remember the days of squared tiles with large grouts, but these days are quickly changing. The design of closed rooms and small tiles are quickly fading away as the majority of our clients are looking to create a more open space in their home.  With this trend comes new innovations from the flooring industry. Tile manufacturers from around the world are now moving away from standard tile formats (12X12) and beginning to test the boundaries of helping homeowners making their opened spaces look even larger! 
Are Large Tile Better

Every year we go to the world’s largest tile shows in Spain, Italy, and the USA. And every year we go, it’s either we are shrinking or the tiles are getting bigger! This new trend forces us to ask the question “Is a bigger tile really better?”

To Show Size Of Large Tiles

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Larger Tile?

1. Creates An Absolute Seamless Look:
Larger tiles offer a sleek, modern aesthetic look because they require a lot fewer joints and grouting; offering a much cleaner and consistent ambiance. They perfectly fit in almost any room on both walls and floors to create a uniform surface making the rooms bright and minimalistic. This is why almost all tile manufacturers are going bigger every year; clients are asking for a way to make their home look more spacious with a uniform look without being overdramatic. 
2. Make a Small Room Look Larger
Large-format tiles offer an optical illusion making small spaces look even bigger.  One of our favourite places to put large tiles is in the bathroom. Bleeding the ceramic bathroom floor into the shower and shower walls. Similar to the concept of an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, the large format tiles produce a visual effect of flooring with no boundary; designed so that the edge appears to merge with the walls. This concept is also becoming extremely popular within customers’ kitchen spaces where you merge different large formats between the floor, backsplash, and kitchen counters. Yes, all made of large ceramic tiles… This will take over the world, mark my words!
Showing Large Tile In Kitchen

3. Format Flexibility 
Because tile manufactures are designing bigger and bigger tiles, it allows them to also reshape them into multiple other formats while in production. Such as a 24×24, 16x,32, 18×36, 24×48, 30×30, 32×32, 36×36 48×48, 30×60, 40×118, 63×126, and the list can continue. These formats allow customers to add large tiles in almost any room or space! 

4. Easier To Clean
As we mentioned before, larger tiles mean fewer joints. Fewer joints mean less grout cleaning. Overall, having larger tiles makes it much easier to clean your floors and makes them age less quickly because you won’t have an issue with so many dirty joints!, Imagine a bathroom shower with no mildew!!  That is just a huge plus for anyone investing in a beautiful look that will surely impress your family and friends for many many years!

What Are Things We Need To Consider When Buying Large Tiles?

1. The Cost Of Beauty
Typically having larger tiles also means larger costs. Luckily Lifestyle Ceramique offers a large variety of Large and X-Large tiles from around the world at the lowest possible price. One of our bestsellers is the Emporio. 
Large Tiles In Bathroom

2. Finding The Right Installer
Finding the right installer to do this can be difficult. These large formats require specific knowledge and experience along with unique tools. Luckily, we have a great network of professionally skilled installers who are properly set up with the right tool for installations.

Final Thoughts: Are Larger Tiles Better?

The industry overall is going bigger as it is gaining more and more popularity. Like Texas, it seems bigger really is better, and we only expect to see this trend preference being amplified with the growing demand from across the world. 

Our final thoughts…. Get ahead of the trend and visit our showroom to see which tile format is perfect for your home project. 
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